How Long Does It Take After a Fat Transfer to Buttock to See Results?

I had a fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and Im starting to question my decision. I dont see much results from the transfer and I do have areas of uneveness. I hope its because of the swelling but I dont know. When I asked my surgeon about why my butt looks the same I was told that it takes months for the fat to grow into the area. I hope he is right.

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Fat cells may or may not live in the new area

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i have performedfacial  fat injections for many years and have seen good results in some patients and a total loss of fat in others. I have not perfomed the Brazilian Butt lift, but would be surprised if the fat actually grows. The cells that are transferred should be relatively normal in size and if they live they shouldn't necessarily enlarge. It would be too early to add more now, so give it time, follow up with your surgeon but if the irregularity persists and the volume is not satisfactory, then you may indeed wish to have further injections.

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Brazilian butt lift

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In my practice, you will see the effect of fat transfer and thus the augmentation immediately. Once the swelling suddides and some of the injured fat cells are resorbed, you will intact lose some of the enhancement. Thus it will get smaller up to about six weeks. After that it is permanent. See my pictures for long term results. Fat transfer is very much plastic surgeon dependent. Result Truely vary depending on the personal technique of your surgeon.

Brazilian Butt enhancement

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Two weeks after fat transfer to the buttocks is too early, you are swallen and thus you should see a larger butt.

if you do not see the results you WILL NOT see any significant improvement.

The amount of fat will depend on the amount of fat thet your body has for harvesting, preparing and transfering.

One needs 300-800 cc for each butt to see a major result.

fat transfer to the buttock is an art and a science and should be done by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon

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