How Long After Having a Chin Implant Do I Have to Wait Perform Oral Sex? Please Be Specific.

I had a chin implant 10 days ago and the stitches have been removed. My doctor said I can have regular sex but I failed to ask about perorming oral sex which stresses the mouth area.. Please be specific with a time line in your answer.

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Chin implant and Oral Sex

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Dear Adviceneeded, Most patients are allowed to go back to their everyday activities two to three weeks after surgery. I would ask your surgeon on your follow up visit if you have any limitations on these activities and he/she will advise you. I do advise my patients whenever resuming their everyday activities to take caution with rough housing and protect your investments until healed and then enjoy! Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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How long after chin implant to perform oral sex?

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There are a few issues that would influence my answer to your question of when oral sex could be performed after chin augmentation surgery.  Was your implant placed through the mouth or under the chin?  To be honest, your surgeon would have the most information in regards to your particular procedure, so would be the best person to answer your question.  If I had placed an implant under the chin and everything seemed to be healing normally, I would probably say that two weeks would be a sufficient amount of time to wait.  However, I would also say that at two weeks after the procedure, that care still needs to be taken to avoid direct trauma to the chin.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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