How Long Does an Accutane Pill Take to Be Absorbed?

I know they're processed by the liver. How long does accutane take to "get out" of the stomach? the reason why i'm asking this is because i took a pill with a yogurt and at least two hours later(i think it was four hours) i started feeling bad and threw up , and the vomit tasted a bit like the yogurt so i'm not sure if i vomited also the accutane? how long does it take to the accutane (liquid) to "get out" of the stomach? i hope i didn't vomit the accutane, because it'd be like missing a dose.

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Most medications leave the stomach after an hour so you should be fine.  Additionally, missing one dose of Accutane is not a problem, so please do not worry.    Feel better soon.  

Sacramento Dermatologic Surgeon

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