Does Nd:YAG help reduce ingrown hairs and so-called pepperspots?

I have ingrown hairs all over my legs and arms from shaving, waxing etc. When I shave or wax, you can still see the dots from where the hair has been removed which looks gross. I have started laser hair removal surgery (one first treatment so far) using Yag and was wondering if this would help get rid of the so-called "pepperspots" from my legs and arms? I am getting incredibly concerned. Appreciate any advice and guidance. xxx

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Yag laser for hair removal

This is a laser generally used for darker skin types for LHR. It should gradually over the course of treatment remove the hair. Once the hair is destroyed, there will be no remnant dark spot in the hair follicle. If you skin is type 1-3, other lasers are better such as diode and Alexandrite.

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Does Nd:YAG help reduce ingrown hairs and pepperspots?

Hello, thank you for your question. Laser hair removal will be very effective in clearing both the ingrown hairs and the pepperspots that you speak of. Because laser hair removal completely removed the hair follicle, there is no re-growth, therefore the follicles no longer become ingrown and the pepperspots will also eventually work their way out of the pore, leaving your skin hair free and smooth.  You should be very pleased with the LHR!

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