Has anyone trained their eyebrow transplant to grow flat?

I had an eyebrow transplant nearly 4 months ago, some of the hairs are flatish but some stick straight out, is it really possible to train them?

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Eyebrow transplantation

Thanks for question. Native eyebrow hairs grow in angles acutely off skin. Thus, the grafts when placed should sit angled off the skin as well, not perpendicular. However, it is difficult to achieve this angle at times. The hairs as they lengthen can be "trained" to sit tighter against the skin. It is difficult to train short, stubby ones. I would just be patient at this point.

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Eyebrow hair transplants in Los Angeles

Our office specializes in eyebrow hair transplants and the problem often arises from the donor hair and whether it is curly or straight. It may be possible to adjust your eyebrow hairs at this point. 


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Eyebrow transplant training

IT IS possible (and in most cases required or at least advisable) to train the hair as it grows in.  For the record this is a common problem.  For a hair surgeon, getting the brow hairs to lay as flat as possible is the biggest challenge and not everyone succeeds.  Get yourself some brow gel or brow wax and start making the brows grow in the direction you prefer.  Even native brow hair grows a little wild sometimes!  (though it is not as noticeable since the other hairs keep it in check.)

For any stubborn or particularly visible "wild hairs," I recommend as needed plucking or permanently removing the hair (laser hair removal or electrolysis).  Brow hair replacement surgery is a process usually, not a "one time thing," so have patience and Good Luck!

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Once the surgeon makes an incision, the angle of how the hairs grow out is determined.  Eyebrow hairs sticking up is a common complaint and it may depend on the technique.  It is very difficult to train the eyebrow.  Some use clear eyebrow gel. 

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