Subcision combined with CO2 laser or Erbium?

I saw some video that subcision usually combined with CO2 laser for a better result; however, it's unheard to combine with erbium. Which one is better? Thanks for the answers

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Subcision combined with CO2 laser or Erbium?

Thanks for your query. subcision is breaking the fibers of the scar with a needle and is invasive so it works from beneath the dermal layers whereas co2 fraxel and erbium are non invasive and on ablative and works by giving micro injury to the skin which helps in resurfacing of the skin. So, subscision can be combined with either of them but co2 fractional laser has been proven to give better results for acne scar. Hope it helps.

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Co2 versus Erbium--Try either with microneedling/prp for best results

I use a combination of Co2 or erbium with fraxel or intensife , microneedling/prp, subcision for acne scarring and photodamage.  I find that for the long term, Co2 is much stronger than eribum but erbium is safer in darker skin types. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer.

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