Modified Phenol peel - results. (photo)

I had a modified Phenol peel 36 hours ago, my skin started peeling within 18 hrs in some spots. I have noticed that the lines are still there. Does this change over time? My Dr said that I had a deep peel but not the deepest and I may need to redo my mouth and eye area. I thought phenol perks only had to be done once?

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Modified Phenol Peel

At a day and a half, you look like you are doing well.  Peels of this nature have a significant downtime but the results are well worth it.  It is far to early to tell if you will need anything more and often you can still see lines this early.  I think you will have a very nice result.

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Modified Phenol Peel

The best time to assess the results of a modified phenol peel (presumably a croton oil peel) is 12 months after the procedure.  Thirty six hours after your procedure is too early to be looking at your face.  Please give yourself time to heal.  And yes, the peel can be repeated as necessary.

Lawrence Kass, MD
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