Is phenol peel or Co2 laser effective for large pores?

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Peels or Lasers to reduce pore size

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You can think of your pores partially as funnel shaped which are larger at the top with thickened sebaceous and irregular layers of skin.  In part by ablating the surface of the skin you can remove some of these layers and partially tighten the underlying collagen by a variety of methods either Lasers or Deep peels.
All of the methods can be partially effective in resurfacing as well as partially reducing pore size as desired.  It really depends upon your surgeons experience with the modality used. 
Too superficial of a peel or too few laser passes and you will see minimal change.
Too deep and you will end up with a burn or significant skin pigment changes.
Decide based more on your surgeons experience with either and the results they think they can obtain on examination.

Warm regards,
Dr Quinton Chivers 
Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.

Croton Oil Peel

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Both modalities can be used and it really depends on the experience and expertise of the doctor, not the modality used.  But in my hands, I strongly favor croton oil peels for treatment of large pores and/or acne scars and/or facial rhytids and uneven pigmentation.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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