Any doctors experienced in phenol peel for hispanic skin?

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Croton oil /phenol peel for Hispanic skin

first of all, hispanics and latinos come in all skin colors. But I understand the real question is  an one so this peel on skin of color type 4? Yes you can. I did a study on it and published it almost 10 years ago. You can also do it in Asian skin and even skin type VI   Please refer to my web site "Dr" to access that publication. The skin goes from pink to even and then to a mild case of  PIH, an de the night back to normal. Taking low dose accutane helps prevent PIH in oily acne patients with scars. The final skin color after 2 years of the peel is a worst a lighter shade of normal but just like the color of the patient's sun-protected skin. That is called "pseudo-hypo-pigmentation " and so far everyone has liked that skin tone. You might need to use more sunscreen along your neck and chest to reduced the darkening of those areas. Hope this helps. Dr Rullan

Chula Vista Dermatologic Surgeon
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Phenol Peel

Deep phenol peels are not recommended for dark skin types IV to VI due to the high risk of prolonged or permanent pigmentary changes. Best of luck!Dr. G

Edward J. Gross, MD
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