I had botox (3 area ) and filer (Juvéderm) on my face yesterday and I am breastfeeding my 10 weeks baby. what should I do?

I had botox (3 area ) and filer (Juvéderm) on my face yesterday and I am breastfeeding my 10 weeks baby. I didnt know shouldn't use for breastfeeding mum . I searched the internet and now I am terrified . what should I do? :((( should I stop breastfeeding :((( plz help me

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Botox does not travel from the site where it is injected into the systemic circulation in any significant amount. Furthermore, its effects on muscle may last for 3 months, but the Botox molecules themselves are primarily taken up within 90 minutes by nerve endings and metabolized, and any molecules that diffuse away are quickly eliminated from the body.  Tests on safety in breastfeeding have not been performed for obvious reasons, but there is no known reason for you to be concerned, and no ill effect has ever been reported.  

Juvederm has hyaluronic acid, which is the same hyaluronic acid you and all mammals already have in your connective tissue. The HA molecules are too large to enter the circulation, and stay in the connective tussues where injected.  Some Juvederm also has lidocaine to make the procedure more comfortable. Drugs.com, for example, has the following to say about lidocaine injected in breastfeeding women:

Lidocaine concentrations in milk during continuous IV infusion, epidural administration and in high doses as a local anesthetic are low and the lidocaine is poorly absorbed by the infant. Lidocaine is not expected to cause any adverse effects in breastfed infants. No special precautions are required.

Some practitioners also use small amounts of epinephrine to minimize bruising.  When given for therapeutic reasons, in larger amounts than what can ever be reached in the concentration after Juvederm injections, epinephrine can briefly increase the heart rate. Out of an excess of caution, I would probably have recommended pumping and discarding the breast milk for 6-8 hours after treatment in a patient of mine, but no precautions thereafter, and now that that period has elapsed, it should be clear that no harm was suffered.

I cannot see that someone in your situation could have a problem, but of course you will want to discuss this with your pediatrician.

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Botox and Filler During Breast Feeding

There is nothing to worry about.  Plenty of women have been pregnant or breast feeding while getting cosmetic treatments.  Even though there are no official studies, nothing has been reported to affect a baby in the rare instances the physician has treated someone who is in this situation.  All my patients are asked about this and informed that studies have not been performed.  The decision is then left up to them.  I suggest avoiding any cosmetic procedures unless you are using formula.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Botox - Fillers breastfeeding

I don't know what you read at the web, but do not be afraid.
this is frecuently that happens at the office, i think your doctor do not ask you: Anything special I should know?
as a patient, always tell your doctor all the details of health

Doctors prefer not use filler and botox at pregnancy or breastfeeding, but the amount than you can find in the milk is nearly to 0... and both substances aren't cause any symptoms or diseases to your baby

Then, breast your baby without nightmares...

(PD: rules of FDA says don´t do fillers or botox but are precaution recommendations; my opinion is not a permission for do fillers or botox in pregnancy or breastfeeding )

Humberto Cantu, MD
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Injectables should have no effect on breastfeeding

Although many of us would probably not inject you while you are breastfeeding, I am unaware of any concerns here that you would need to be worried about. Things will be fine. 

Michael Gold, MD
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Botox and Juvederm in breastfeeding mothers

Dear Yassmin, Personally I do not perform these procedures on patients while they are breastfeeding. While no official studies have been performed it is just a personal choice of mine to proceed on the side of caution. I would contact your pediatrician for follow up questions as currently your child is under the care of a physician and I would follow the guidelines set by that physician. Dr. Clark has listed some very informative information below that you can copy and paste to review with your pediatrician as well.  Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Botox while breastfeeding

I recommend my patients to wait until after breast feeding in order to do their Botox injections. The safety of Botox treatment during breast feeding has not been established. I suggest you ask your paediatrician about what to do.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Botox and filler are not recommended for breast feeding mothers.

Botox and filler are not recommended for breast feeding mothers. Consider following up with your pediatrician to discuss your concerns. An effect of these products on babies through breast milk would be rare. Although, to put your mind at ease visit the Dr to have all your questions answered. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Botox and breastfeeding

Botox is an amazing procedure that removes the fine lines in the forehead and around the eyes. I would not recommend breastfeeding when you are receiving Botox injections. There have been no studies of pregnant women or breastfeeding women receiving Botox and their babies. Please consult your pediatrician as well. 

Michele S. Green, MD
New York Dermatologist
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I had Botox and Juvederm on my face yesterday and I am breastfeeding. What should I do?

I would stop breastfeeding your baby now.  You should also notify the physician that treated you and your baby's pediatrician ASAP.  There are currently no studies to show the effects of Botox and fillers on pregnant or nursing women.  Botox stays in your body for 3-4 months, so, unfortunately, you may need to pump and dump for that duration. Since the effects of Botox cosmetic and fillers are very localized to the face, the likelihood of it causing harm to your baby is exceedingly low, but because it hasn't been studied, nobody knows the real answer.  Thus, the risks of continuing to breastfeed your baby for the next 4 months far outweighs the benefit.  I'm sorry you are going through this.  I wish you and your baby well. 

Parker A. Velargo, MD
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