Will my eyebrows drop with age or do I need Plastic Surgery?

Hi I like my eyes brows and shape its one of my only or best features about myself I'd say, but I think they'd look better closer to my eyes, I'm a male btw, will it get lower with age or will I need plastic surgery?

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Will eyebrows drop with age?

Thanks for your question. As you age, you will find that your eyebrows will droop the skin will start to sag down. Many people want plastic surgery to raise them, not lower them, so I would recommend waiting to see what the natural effects of ageing will have on your brows before you undergo plastic surgery.

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eyebrows dropping with age

The position of the eyebrows is a very delicate balance between the elevator and depressor muscles of the forehead. Some patients age by brow elevation, while others age by Eyebrow descent. The stronger muscle will usually win. A full set of photographs and in person examination are usually required to make a determination about what may be required.

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Will my eyebrows drop with age or do I need Plastic Surgery?

In general, and counter-intuitively, the eyebrows do not drop appreciably with aging.  More often there is a loss of volume (bone, fatty tissue, collagen) around the eyebrows, which causes the impression that the brows have fallen.  Eyebrows can also be lowered with Botox injections to the forehead (frontalis muscle).

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I hope this helps.

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Will eyebrows drop with age?

For many people, eyebrows do drop with age.  If you were going to try and do something now to lower your brows, I would recommend trying Botox rather than any surgical procedures.  

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