1 year after neck lift I have submandibular gland protruding?

Surgeon says minor surgery to correct this. Could he damage neck nerves

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Submandibular glands

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I agree with the surgeons below. A good option with little risks is to consider having botox injected directly into the gland. This will reduce the size of the gland over time. It is relatively safe. Discuss with your surgeon. If you are risk adverse it may be the right option for you. 

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Submandibular gland correction, Could he damage neck nerves? = yes, it is part of the risks #necklift #submandibulargland

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Any procedure on the neck like neck lift and or correction of ptotic submandibular gland can injury nerves in the area. Although it is something that rarely occurs, it is impossible for a surgeon to say there is no risk of injury. It is like when you buy a car, it is unlikely that you will get a flat tire, but a car dealer can't promise you'll never get a flat tire

John Mesa, MD
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Submandibular glands

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These can become prominent in certain patients.  There are risks such as major bleeding and nerve injury. Certain surgeons will do this but most will not. Small doses of Botox can diminish the prominent gland on a temporary basis.

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Submandibular gland protrusion following faelift

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Although no photos are submitted, it is likely that the submandibular glands were prominent before the facelift but in fact were camouflaged by the excess skin and sagging. The operation to remove these glands is extreme and generally not recommended. Sometimes the glands can be lifted slightly by judiciously placed sutures, but this is not normally done with the usual facelift. In addition to inherited tendencies the contour of the neck is because of the laxity of the muscles and skin. These are tightened causing the patient to feel "fullness" in the floor of the mouth after facelift. This will improve with time. There is an anatomic limitation on how much these can be lifted and therefore how much the neck angle can be improved.

Richard O. Gregory, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Submandibular gland resection

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is not 'minor' surgery and there are risks to your nerves when removing it.  If your surgeon is a whiz with removing that gland, then it may be minor in his/her hands.  But most surgeons don't even touch it due to the risks potentially involved with removing it.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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