Is it possible to stretch my stomach after a sleeve gastrectomy surgery? How long would it take?

Hi there, i had my surgery 6monts ago but i feel like since last month i can eat 3-5 more spoons of food than i could previously and it does worry me because once or twice per month i do eat a little more even when i'm feeling full. Can my stomach stretch so soon ? Could it strech overtime because once or twice a month i do "big meals" meaning i do force myself and eat more than usual? I don't eat till i throw up but i feel a slight pain and a sensation that my stomach is stretch to it's maximum

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Hi. Its looks that you sleeve is good. Remember that the stomach will spand if you every time try to eat all that you can even if you feel pain. Try to control portions and choose hight quality food. The most important issue is that you must change eating habbits and workout hard at the gym. If you eat the same way like before surgery then even the best surgery with the time will lost. I think that you can do it and is too soon to consider a new surgery.

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