I am a 57 yo female suffering from obesity. Why is my insurance company (BCBS) giving me such a hassle to do surgery? (photo)

I have been on so many diets to have lost 30 or 35 lbs and gain 40 or 50 back. My insurance company is giving me such a run around it is driving me crazy. I would like to have the sleeve surgery but my insurance company is giving me the runaround - why is that? In my plan it clearly states gastric bypass is covered but when I call or the doctor office call its not covered. What is the problem???

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For gastric sleeve just a few months ago is that some insurance companies consider it as an option for bariatric surgery. In my Dominican Republic still no insurance company approves the bariatric surgeries.
Someday your insurance approve this type of surgery, maybe you should try some other option as the bypass for insurance do private pay or maybe gastric sleeve in the United states or travel to other Countries that may be less expensive.
The reality is that the nature of all insurance companies in the end is to pay as little as possible for their affiliates.

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