I completed a 5 month course of Roaccutane (60mg a day) in August. Acne After Accutane?

I completed a 5 month course of Roaccutane (60mg a day) in August. The results were astonishing. Over the last 6-8 weeks my acne has slowly been returning. I've heard this isn't unusual, and it's still only at a moderate level, but like many acne sufferers the fear of substantial relapse is an ever-present one. Any advice on what approaches I should take in skin maintenance would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind the odd spot returning, but understandably don't want it coming back like before

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Acne after Accutane

Relapse after Accutane may be the result of a number of factors.  Under dosing may result in flares after treatment (standard dose is a1 mg/kg/day for 5 months for a 120 mg/kg total dose).  Also failure to take the medication with fatty food has been shown to significantly affect absorption and therefore dose.  Should you need to take a second dose, consider taking it with food or getting the brand that is not as affected by intake with food (Absorica).  If you are not flaring up significantly, you may be able to be controlled with a topical retinoid. Good luck!

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