Lipoma and Joint Pain - Connection?

Is there a connection with having Lipoma and joint pains? For being 29, I do not feel that I should have so much joint pain all over. My joints always hurt and my knees get stabbing pains at random times,I want to cry sometimes from it. I have a large one that causes pain in my back. I do not think it could affect my hands. I have been told it is not arthritis and no Dr has ever known enough about Lipoma to answer any questions. They just say the same thing, "not much is known why, what or how"

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Joint Pain Not Related to Lipomas for Most

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Lipomas in general whether single or multiple do not cause joint pain. A rheumatologist may be best equipped to sort out your medical problems.


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Lipoma is a benign fatty tumor. Like any cell in your body it can start to multiply and form a collection of cells called "tumor". This can happen any where in the body. Some multiple lipomas are familial, some multiple lipomas are associated with colon polyps (Gardner syndrome).

Simple lipomas do not cause multiple joint pain. Multiple joint pain NEED TO BE WORKED UP THOROUGHLY, FOR ARTHRITIS TO AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.

Some lipomas has been reported in a joint, called intra articular lipoma, these are called lipoma arborescence. The present with pain in the joint.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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