How to Treat Forehead Lipoma on Infant?

My 9 month old has a bump above his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist both said it is a lipoma and to see a plastic surgeon if we want it removed. It doesn't seem to bother him but it is quite noticeable. We are wondering what risks are involved with a removal of the lipoma and would it leave a huge scar.

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Bump above eyelid in infant- Probably a Dermoid Cyst

The description you give is typical of a Dermoid Cyst-- these are congenital lesions typically present near the lateral (outer part) of the eyebrow, and should be removed at some point.   I have my Pediatric Plastic Surgeon remove these, and generally no imaging (CT, MRI) is necessary if the physical exam findings are typical.

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Forehead bump

A bump above the eyebrow of an infant is probably a Dermoid Cyst.  These cysts have a classic location, size and feel to them.  If the plastic surgeon has had some experience with these cysts it should be able to be removed with a single incision over the cyst.  If the typical features are not  there, then specialized studies need to be performed.

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Amass on the forehead of an ifant could be lipoma, cyst, or hemangioma.

Preoperative diagnosis can only be definately made by an MRI.

The scar would be as long as the length of the mass.

Consult a plastic surgeon at Case Western reserve university (Dr. Bahman Guyuron)

Cleaveland clinic, or Mass general

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