Lip Line Scar Treatment Options

I collided with my friends Golden Retriever (don't ask) And it put my teeth through my bottom lip. I have a large ball of scar tissue on the inside, but am most concerned with the scar left on the outside just below my lip line. It has two small raised parts and it very thick. I am wondering if there is anything to help and if it can be treated separately from the inside or if I should have them both treated. It also is painful sometimes after weeks of healing.

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Lip scar revision or simply wait

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The injury you sustained is a common one. The location of the scar is unfortunately in an obvious place that is not easily camouflaged. Time is by far the best approach to scar maturation, however, if the scar hurts and is slightly raised (hypertrophic) and injection of Kenalog may be of benefit in softening the scar and helping expedite the resolution of the erythema. Ultimately, if all else fails, after a few months and no improvement, a scar revision would likely take care of the problem.

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Lip line scar treatment options

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A complete excision with a layered closure is what a plastic surgeon would do. You can seek laser skin therapies, but I do not recommend this. Regards.

Lip Scar Management

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Common scenario seen by Plastic surgeons. A collision in which the lower lip is wrapped over a lower incisor tooth which then punctures through it. In your case, it APPEARS like the wound was not treated by a Plastic surgeon. the key is to sharply cut away the wound edges to get rid of any contused margins, copiously wash the wound to remove as much of the bacteria as possible. The, repair the wound (and tunnel) in several layers.

At this point in the healing process nothing should be done. You need to wait 6-8 months until the wound is softer and the healing has stopped. At THAT time, you need to re-asses and decide if you want a SCAR REVISION which would consists in removing the outside scar and closing the wound in a better fashion to get a better scar.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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Fixing a lower lip scar without surgery

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Pulse dye laser and fractional skin resurfacing using a selective CO2 laser can help retexture this scar on the lip.

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Lip scar

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Sometimes scars on the lip can be improved with massage only. Sometimes and injection may be needed or a laser or actual surgical revision. You do have many options. Most scars improve over months to years so waiting it out may also be an option. But first, go see a dermatologist in your area and ask them what appears to be going on and what can be done.

Shawn Allen, MD
Boulder Dermatologist

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