I Just Got a Lip Lift/Corner Lift (Just Affected Skin, Not Muscle), How Long Until Swelling Goes Down? (Photo)

How long before the swelling goes down? Why do the corners of my mouth appear even more downturned than before the surgery? Will the swelling go down and lift the corners up? I'm at day 5 after surgery.

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You are on the most swollen day.

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Hello sjgirl,
Thanks for your question.
Actually today is the day with the greatest swelling.  Keep your head elevated and continue icing.  It will be 6 months until you've finished healing.  Salt, alcohol, excess heat, etc. can keep you swollen longer.  Because areas with motion stay swollen longer, the lips can be swollen longer than other parts of the face.  You are early and actually look very nice so be patient.
Good luck,
Dr. Shah

Swelling after lip lift

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You look good for five days after.  Enjoy the ride, swollen lips look nice.  Agree with you that doesn't seem like much of a "corner lift" was done based on this photograph.

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