Can Lip Fat Transfer Be Reversed?

I had a fat transfer to my upper lip about 9 years ago. The surgeon injected fat along the lip line and along the inner edge of the lip to give it fullness. I have never been comfortable with how full my upper lip is - I think it looks unnatural. Is it possible to have a lip reduction to flatten out my upper lip to give it a more natural look? A plastic surgeon I consulted said he wouldn't be willing to give me a lip reduction because it would leave me with a visible scar. Please advise.

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Lip reduction to remove fat graft

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Fat that has been grafted and present for over 9 years is permanent and not everyone is as fortunate as you to have long lasting effects of lip augmentation with fat. The problem with fat is it is unpredictable. It either goes away or can last, but leave some asymmetry. The issue you are having is your fat has lasted and can be removed through small incision or with a fine liposuction cannula. Remember fat can respond to stimulus anywhere in the body so if you have had some weight gain it may make your lips bigger! Removing the fat should not be terribly difficult or scarring.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Trussler 

Reducing big lips after fat injections

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It is possible that through very tiny incisions, some of the fat can be expressed, but after all these years, there may have been so much collagen produced as a result of the procedure that it acts like "glue" to hold the fat in place and this procedure may not be successful, and could cause a lot of bruising trying to get the fat out. The same applies for liposuction. It is possible that small doses of corticosteroids injected into the fat may shrink it, but then it could get irregularly indented in some areas. Proceed with caution.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Removal of fat after transfer 9 years later

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It is possible to remove the fat to make you more symmetrical but it needs to be physically removed, not dissolved through an injection. Sorry! Visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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