Smile Looks Fake After Lip Augmentation

I recently had Botox and fillers for my lips. I had very thin lips, but now, when I smile, my lips cover all my teeth. It has been about a week now and i still can't lift my upper lip and my smile looks fake. I have to cover my mouth everytime I smile. Please tell me this will go away and I will get my smile back. I also can't feel the sides of my face next to my nose from the nerve blocker. Will this go away as well?

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Too much BOTOX in the lip elevators.

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Dear Summer5

Don't feel compelled to work with the doctor who treated you. Some doctors are really not worth seeing a second time. There are tons of injectors out there. You need to do more homework to find the right aesthetic physician or surgeon that does good work. Experienced injectors have very few problems like this.

BOTOX is not an ideal perioral/lip line agent. There are a lot of important muscles around the mouth that do not do well with BOTOX. The is a published paper on using BOTOX to weaken the lip elevators to reduce the so called gummy smile.

There are very few people who have this aesthetic issue. Generally it is not desirable to have the degree of lip muscle weakening that you are describing.

Be aware that the face is were we experience our emotions. When facial movements are interfered with in a negative way from BOTOX, it is possible to feel out of sorts or even depressed until the effects of the treatment wear off.

The bad news is that BOTOX effects are not maximal until three weeks after the initial treatment. The good news is that eventually this will wear off.

Dr. Steinsapir

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Lip Augementation; Smile Looks Fake After Injections

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Hi Summer 5,

Your question is difficult without examining you and knowing how much Botox was injected and where it was injected. Speak with your injecting physician, find out what and how much was injected. If you are satisfied with your physician, follow her/his instructions.

If you wish to have another opinion, get the records of your injections and bring them to a well trained cosmetic physician for evaluation.

Be well and I hope that your problems resolve quickly.

By the way, stay away from comedy clubs for a while, but you will fit right in with many of the shoppers on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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