Too Much Juvederm on Upper Lips?

I had 1 1/2cc Juvederm in my upper lip only 2 days ago. It was my first time and I have been very swollen and bruised and 2 days later I still look like a duck.

Did the surgeon put too much Juvederm in my lip? There is still swelling, should I get hyaluronidase to reduce the filler? How long should I wait?

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Too Much Juvederm?

There is usually swelling and sometimes even some bruising initially right after Juvederm injections. I would give it some time however for the swelling to go down to see how you like it; it will usually smooth out after about 2 weeks.

I am in agreement with the other physicians, however, that what you had injected was an excessive amount of Juvederm for someone who already had fuller lips. If you still dislike your results after two weeks I do recommend scheduling a follow up with the doctor to discuss your options for reducing it. “Dr. D”

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Too Much Juvederm on Upper Lips

11/2 cc is considerable for the upper lip. Our preference is to put generally .5 to 1 cc in the upper lip. If a patient wants more than she can return in 2 - 4 weeks. Ensure that the injector knows your concern as soon as possible as each office will guide you slightly differently. Generally, wait 10 days to 2 weeks before considering hyluronidase. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Sounds like too much for my tastes!

I rarely place more than one cc into anyone's upper lip in a single session. If someone wants more then we have them return in 2-4 weeks. Just as important however is balancing the appearance of the upper and lower lips so we usually also inject the lower lip. Otherwise there is a tendency to become upper lip dominant and look like Howard the Duck. Look at most beautiful and natural appearing models and you will see that the lower lip is always slightly larger and more projecting than the upper lip! Unfortanatley the inexperienced injector has a tendency to ignore this important principle!

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Too Much Juvederm?

Thank you for your question. It is common to have swelling after lip augmentation, which can take up 2 weeks to resolve. You can ice your lips to help resolve swelling. If you are unhappy with your final results you can have the filler dissolved with an enzyme known as hyaluronidase. Please follow up with injector in 2 weeks for an evaluation. Best of Luck!

Hardik Soni, MD
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