Would red light therapy expedite healing if used after breast reduction and tummy tuck?

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Red light therapy for healing

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That is an excellent question. By red light, I'm assuming you mean infrared usually delivered by LEDs. I don't know of any study showing improvement of scars after this therapy. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists will commonly use light in the wavelength of 500 to 600 nm which is more in the green color to treat scars and make them less red in color. I hope that helps answer your question. Good luck with your surgery.

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Would red light therapy expedite healing if used after breast reduction and tummy tuck?

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Hello, thanks for your question!  In my opinion the #reduction incisions are covered with light dressings, and you will be place in a bra, which you should bring to the surgery center with you. Our staff at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery will help you select the proper size. The bra holds the #breasts symmetrically during the initial healing. The initial discomfort subsides daily and can be controlled with oral medication. It is best to wear the bra 24 hours each day until released by the doctor.

I usually have my patients wear paper tape on their #breast incisions for several weeks, changing them every several days. The sutures are under the skin and dissolve so that they do not leave any marks. After several weeks I have my patients use a scar cream such as Biocorneum to allow the scars to fade as much as possible. On occasion, we may recommend laser treatments to improve the healing.
If you have #breast redness, swelling, drainage or odor, it is important to call the office and speak with the doctor or medical staff. You may need to be seen in the office and evaluated.

Most patients resume normal activity by two weeks however full activity, lifting, sports, and no restrictions is safer at 6 weeks Some discomfort, swelling and discoloration of the #breasts are to be expected for several weeks. Usually, our patients return to almost normal activity within two weeks. The scars at the incision lines typically become reddish and a few weeks after surgery are raised and firm. After a number of months they become pale and soft. After 8-12 months, the scars are relatively inconspicuous. The #nipples and some areas of the skin may be numb or sensitive after surgery. Sensation may return within a few weeks or months, but may be diminished or overly sensitive. Best wishes to you!

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Red Light & Healing

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Low level lasers and LED light in the red color range has been studied and used for some time to decrease inflammation and promote healing after injuries.  The laboratory data is more significant than the clinical data in humans.  While there are no studies that show it will help speed up healing or recovery after breast reduction and tummy tuck specifically, the risk is very low.  May or may not help.  Will be hard to tell, but probably safe enough to try as long as it is affordable.  Best wishes on your recovery.

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