I had left eye ptosis surgery 5 days ago and I'm shocked how wide open my left eye is now? (photo)

Whereas the right eye has 5mm (0.2 inch) between the rim of the lashes and the lid crease - the left eye almost has no space above the lashes. I cannot believe how my left eye looks - something went wrong - what can be done??? Maybe the doctor cut too much skin away?

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Overcorrection after ptosis surgery

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There may be an overcorrection on the left side (related to muscle tightening, not skin removal). Discuss with your surgeon. Options include intervening asap or letting heal and possible lid retraction surgery later.

Ptosis surgery

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Pyrosis surgery using the external approach usually requires initial overcorrection. After a few weeks gentle massage might be helpful, but prior to doing this , discuss with your doctor.

A question

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Were both eyes operated upon or just the left...and could you post a preoperative photo? Sometimes operating on one eye only can cause a temporary descent of the opposite lid.

Barry Press, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon

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Eye Ptosis

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Please be calm. Your eyelid needs time to heal. Ptosis surgery for asymmetry requires initial overcorrection. All corrections of asymmetries may require a revision but it is impossible to judge the results of your surgery at this early stage. Relax and talk to your surgeon.

Richard P. Glunk, MD (retired)
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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