Is changing Invisalign aligners every week too soon?

I've been on Invisalign for six months now and was originally instructed to wear my aligners for two weeks. Now, my orthodontist instructed me to change my aligners every week (and I'm not using Acceledent). Is that normal? I've read that changing them too quickly can cause damage and I don't want to my teeth to end up falling out or something.

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7 day wear

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Invisalign has announced that with their newest smart track plastic aligners that most simple and moderate movements can fully occur in just 7 day wear times per Aligner.  For severe cases 14 day wear times per Aligner is indicated.  Ultimately, it is up to your doctor to determine your wear time based on your case.  In addition, I would say changing every week is fine as long as you only have them out of your mouth to eat and brush and you are wearing the aligners 22 hours a day without fail.  If you can't do that then plan on two weeks per tray regardless of severity of tooth movement.

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