Can I change Invisalign tray HALF a day early?

I change trays at 12pm so is it ok to change at midnight instead? That way I wear it at night at first? Or does the last 12 hours still affects teeth?

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Changing Your Invisalign Tray 1/2 Day Early

If you are wearing each aligner for 22 hours per day for two weeks, you are most likely okay to change them 1/2 a day sooner! If you have any questions or concerns, give your dentist a call. They will be happy to help. Did you know that you could cut your treatment time in half if you used Acceladent? Ask your dentist about it.


Finishing an aligner half a day earlier will make no difference in the progress of your treatment. Move to the next aligner!

Scott Leaver, DDS
Las Vegas Orthodontist

Changing Aligners

Hi twinsies_91,

Changing your aligners 12 hours earlier is typically fine however you always want to consult with your dentist/orthodontist first.

Having said that, newer protocols have been developed where many Invisalign patients are changing their aligners every 7-10 days rather than the traditional 14 day cycle.  This results in faster treatment!

Best of luck!

David Sherman, DDS
Manhattan Orthodontist

Invisalign Change

You should be fine changing it 12 hours early just this once! It does also depend on how long you have been wearing your tray, if its been over 7 days then the 12 hours early is ok. 

Fabian F. Taghdiri, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist

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