What can be done for stubborn tooth after Invisalign? (photo)

i am done w all trays finally except 1 tooth needs to drop down a tad more. we've come to point where metal bracket put on w use of rubber bands to pull it down .. it's been almost 2 weeks & I don't see improvement. I'm frustrated & disappointed w this . everything went well entire time now this. can a wire be put on to pull it down vs rubber bands ? I'd rather be aggressive at this point . dr & invisalign felt this was best route vs taking more impressions which were already done mid course .

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Stubborn tooth movement

Upper lateral incisors are often the most stubborn to move with aligners. Another predictable approach would be to explore brackets and wires to finalize the alignment. Good luck!

Don't push it!

Congratulations on completing your treatment! That's always an accomplishment all by itself!Aggressive movement of a tooth may result in damage to the tooth or the nerve inside

It may we better to work with the elastic and give them time.In a worst case scenario, some resin bonding or a porcelain veneer on that tooth maybe all that you need to pick the perfect final touches on your new smile!

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