Vaping 0mg nicotine after Septoplasty?

I had a Septoplasty 4 days ago and I was wondering when I could start vaping again? I know nicotine messes up the healing process so I will be using juice with no nicotine. I was wondering if this will be safe to do now or if I should wait. Thanks

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The best answer is never!  Use this opportunity to help you quit.  There is no scientific data regarding nicotine and healing from septoplasty, but we do know that nicotine (even in its pure form) has many other harmful effects in the body.

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Vaping or Smoking after a septoplasty

Regardless of what product or substance you choose to vape or smoke, I would highly discourage you from doing so until you are well-healed from your surgery (at least one month).While you are correct that nicotine is the main suspect in causing many problems with healing, it is not the only substance that can lead to complications.  Unless you are 100% certain of every ingredient in the juice you are vaping, there is no way to be certain that it will not hinder your healing process.

One of the most substantial risks from poor healing after a septoplasty is septal perforation. This is a hole through your septum that can cause may chronic problems with your nose and is very difficult to repair.

In summary, vaping or smoking, even without nicotine is not worth the potential risks that can completely undo your surgical procedure.  Wait one month and talk to your surgeon before resuming vaping.

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