Is it normal that a chipped tooth gets bigger after the bonding comes off? (Photo)

I had a small chip repaired on my tooth then after 1 1/2 months my bonding came off so I returned to my dentist to get it fixed. Then it came off again after 2 weeks, and the chipped toothed got slightly bigger. It was again fixed then after 3 weeks, same thing happened and the chip got bigger. Came back to the dentist and he suggested to get a crown and he didnt approve when i asked abt veneers. I was upset about my chipped tooth got bigger. I wish i didnt get it fixed and live with the small chipped.

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Chip getting bigger after bonding #DrSoftTouch

It sounds like a bite issue has not been and needs to be addressed. It's important make sure that the bonding is not coming into contact with your lower teeth, which is causing it to fracture. For a more durable solution, I too would recommend a veneer.  I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.  

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Repair will get larger

Every time that you redo a filling, it will get larger since the tooth needs to be re-prep even minimally.  Your issue seemed to be related to your bite.  Make sure that the filling doesn't hit the lower teeth especially during protrusion. I think you should give it one more time before doing a crown or veneer.  Your teeth looks fine beside that small chip, so I would not recommend a crown or veneer for now.

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Chip getting bigger

What happens when a repaired tooth chips is that the dentist removes a bit more tooth in order for the bonding to "stick" to the tooth better. I think your problem is that your bite needs to be addressed when the bonding is done. That's the main reason why the bonding isn't staying on. Your lower teeth hit it and it makes it come off again. 

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