Large Mons Pubis After Tummy Tuck?

I am 2 1/2 weeks post tummy tuck. My tummy is definitely flat but my mons pubis sticks out a lot now. After having three C-sections my stomach was so bad prior to the tummy tuck that I never really paid attention to my mons pubis area. When I discussed this with my PS at my appointment yesterday he said that it is swollen but it might also just be my body. I have pretty much been crying since that appointment thinking that this is either something I have to live with her pay for more plastic surgery.

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Swollen mons pubis after TT

At only 2-3 weeks post-op, it's way too early to tell.

Typically, after TT, especially if you have been wearing an abdominal binder, gravity and the compression from the binder squeeze the swelling down towards the bottom of the abdomen, including the mons area.  This may take 4-6 weeks to really resolve.

Hang in there!

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Mons swelling after tummy tuck

The mons area collects a fair amount of swelling after a tummy tuck.  It is very normal for this to stick out at 2 and a half weeks post op and I do not think this necessarily means anything about your long term result.  You should see it improve rapidly over the next month and then gradually over 6 months.  

Sacha Obaid, MD
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Mons pubis after tummy tuck

Your mons pubis is very likely swollen after surgery.  Please don't be too concerned about this as this will likely improve.  If it doesn't it is a very simple procedure to take out a little bit of fat in this area with liposuction.  I am sure your surgeon will want to make you happy and i'm sure he or she can offer a small revision like this to improve your result, if needed.  You will need to wait until the swelling resolves before your surgeon can decide if this is necessary.

Thank you for your question and please try not to worry.

Shim Ching, MD
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Large Mons Pubis After Tummy Tuck

Thank you for your question. It is normal to have swelling in the mons area in the first few weeks after a tummy tuck. This swelling will improve.  It is too early to judge your results. Final results of a tummy tuck will take 9-12 months. See your surgeon to discuss your concerns. Best wishes.

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There can be considerable  swelling in the mons, sitting as it is right under the incision, and deprived temporarily of some of its drainage pathways. It is not unreasonable to expect some improvement. Without photos it is not possible to make a more detailed prediction. It may take a couple more months before the swelling start to resolve, and expect to need some patience for six months after surgery.

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Tummy Tuck Surgery and Pubic Area Concerns?

I'm sorry to hear about the distress you are experiencing after tummy tuck surgery. Given that you are only a few weeks out of the procedure, it is much too early to evaluate the end results of the procedure.

 Generally speaking, for many patients undergoing tummy tuck surgery the pubic area may be an area of concern. This area may be large ( prominent) , ptotic (low), or deflated.  Therefore, I think it is important to address the pubic area when performing the tummy tuck surgery.

When planning the tummy tuck incision it is possible to keep the incision  low enough that it serves to “raise” the pubic area to some degree.  I like to plan this incision when patients are wearing the “cut” of swimming suit that they plan to wear after the surgery.

During the  tummy talk procedure the pubic area may then be “lifted” and/or defatted ( either directly or with liposuction) as  the specific patient's needs indicate.  Care is taken to avoid over thinning  the area since some coverage of the pubic area is important (for example for padding during intercourse).

 At this point, I would suggest continued patience and continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

 Best wishes; hopefully, you will be very pleased with the long-term outcome of the procedure performed. Otherwise, you should have peace of mind that relatively minor surgery may improve your situation.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Mons pubis after tummy tuck surgery

I know you are anxious right now but your PS is right. There probably is some swelling. However if your mons pubis was puffy before the surgery, its still going to be that way afterwards. Usually in my patients I try to do something like liposuction during the tummy tuck to help this. Talk to your PS in about  1 month, your PS may be able to do some liposuction in the office for you. Probably wont charge you for it. :)

Adrian Lo, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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