Is Their Anyway That You Can Get Rid of Fibrous Tissue/scar Tissue After Tummy Tuck? (photo)

i had my tummy tuck surgery in november and formed a lump about 3 weeks at the top of my stomach. i went to my gp and was told it could be fibrous tissue so i was referred for a scan what i want to know is IF it is scar tissue is there anyway i could get rid of it? i was told steriod injections was an option? if this is the case would a hospital offer something like this to me or would i have to get it privately? if so how much does these injections cost and whom would i go to get this?

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Lump After Tummy Tuck

I see your area of concern and understand your desire to improve upon it.  I think you are going about it the wrong way however.  You do not want a plastic surgeon adjusting your blood pressure medicine because we are not trained to do it, and you do not want your general practitioner adjusting your tummy tuck because they are not trained to do it.  Take the scans that you have obtained to your plastic surgeon, and have him or her look and decide the best course of action.  Good luck.

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Scar Tissue after Tummy Tuck

Since it has been 3 months since surgery, things may still improve. I suggest going back to your plastic surgeon and discussing the situation. Options may include waiting, a little liposuction, steroid injection, or lipo-dissolve injection depending on the specific findings.

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Can Get Rid of Fibrous Tissue/scar Tissue After Tummy Tuck?

Thanks for the question. Photograph is not very informative but if it feels firm and hard and does not increase in size on coughing then your GP is right that it fibrous tissue. If you go back to your PS I am sure He can inject some Kenalog ( Triamcenalone ) that can be repeated 6 weekly until it disappears. Wish you good luck.

Is Their Anyway That You Can Get Rid of Fibrous Tissue/scar Tissue After Tummy Tuck?

Thanks for your question. I am not sure the photo helps too much here. This needs to be examined in person. Far better than seeing your GP would be to see your surgeon who knows what was done, and is much more familiar with healing after surgery. Once you know what this is, then you can discuss treatment. 

Call your surgeon. All the best. 

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