Can I Reasonably Take a 2 Hour Flight 4 Days After a Tummy Tuck with a Quilted Closure?

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Flying after tummy tuck

The three things to consider when flying after tummy tuck.  First you must discuss with your surgeon how you are going to get care if you have a problem. Second, somebody must do the heavy bag lifting for you.  Third, you must get up and  walk frequently to avoid blood clots in your legs.  Safe travels.

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Flying a few days after TT

There are a couple of concerns here:

1) exertion - don't be moving your own luggage, or trying to put it in an overhead bin.  Too much exertion could cause a hematoma, or popping of a suture.

2)  DVT risk.  As a fresh post-op, you are still in a state where you are at elevated risk for DVT's (blood clots in the leg).  This should be discussed with your surgeon before you go.  They may suggest anti-embolism stockings or even a shot of Lovenox, depending on your Caprini DVT risk score.


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Flying four days after tummy tuck

Hello. At four days post op flying could still be risky. If you must fly however your risk can be some what managed by wearing your stockings and be sure to stand whenever possible. Be sure to inform your plastic surgeon before hand for additional information.

Jaime Perez, MD
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Airplane Flight after Tummy Tuck

2 hours should not be a problem but make sure you discuss with your plastic surgeon. Keep in mind that a 2 hour flight may have delays and that you could end up sitting for much longer.

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Flight 4 days after Tummy Tuck

You should safely be able to take a 2 hour flight 4 days after your Tummy Tuck, but before you schedule that, discuss this with your surgeon.  You are under his care and should follow his instructions for your best result.

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Can I Reasonably Take a 2 Hour Flight 4 Days After a Tummy Tuck with a Quilted Closure?

You should be able to do that. You may need a wheelchair at the airports. You should discuss the need for treatment to avoid blood clots if you are at risk, and many patients having tummy tucks are at high risk. You can check your own risk profile by googling "Caprini score."

All the best. 

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