How Can Invisalign Works with Only 11 Trays? Suggested Treatment with Braces Was 24 Months? (photo)

I didn't wear retainers after braces treatment. Now 28 years old, two orthos suggested me to wear regular braces for 24 months to fix my crowding and bite. I didn't want braces at 28 years old. I decided for Invisalign, had 2 different Invisalign dental consults, both clinchecks suggested only 10 trays upper and 11 lower. Now I am here thinking, How in the world Invisalign will fix my bite problems in only 10 trays+refi. It's that possible? Crowding will might be fix, but what about the bite?

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11 trays or 2 years to fix my teeth?

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You have mild upper and lower anterior crowding with a mild arch collapse

The lower incisors are slightly over erupted and you have a slightly deep bite

Invisalign 11 trays will include only stripping enamel and moving the front teeth

You can have Invisalign full arch or metal braces as in experienced hands they will do the same thing, but 15-18 months treatment time. I know because I have done similar cases with Invisalign.

Invisalign can treat moderate to severe crowding; it is not so good on severely rotated teeth; of which none of yours are.


Why is Invisalign so much quicketr than braces in my case

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This is simply a case of apples and oranges. All Invisalign will be doing is to correct the minor crowding you have as a result of not wearing your retainer.  The doctors recommending braces are planning on correcting your bite (which, by your photos was never fully corrected in the first place)

If all you want is to correct the tooth alignment braces or Invisalign would take the same time.

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Invisalign (11 trays) vs Orthodontics (2 years)

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You can accomplish more types of dental movement with brackets and braces, that cannot be achieved with Invisalign. You might not need all the movements that braces would provide. You should ask this very same question to your orthodontist and invisalign provider. Ask them to explain what the differences would be in your particular case.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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