Lactic Acid Peel for Dark Underarms? (photo)

I have been trying to lighten my dark underarms for the past few months & nothing is working for me! I have tried Retin A but the results aren't drastic ...I heard lemon works to lighten dark areas but it didn't work for my underarms either..I am now going to try lactic acid peel 50% for my underarms. Would this be too much for my skin to handle? If not, how many times & how long should I put the lactic acid on my underarms? If yes, what other alternatives could I do?

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Dear patient, I still see active redness. Is there itching? You may have had an allergic reaction to your deodorant or another dermatological problem that caused this. The problem has not fully resolved and Lactic Acid application will not help you. In fact it may worsen the condition. Please see a Dermatologist to address the cause. Then I would suggest a jessner peel and topical Hydroquinone cream to remove the dark spots. Yours, Dr. David R.

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Underarm pigmentation and Melarase creams and Melapeel chemical peels

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I would begin treatment with Melarase creams followed by MelaPeels once monthly to help correct the pigmentation in your underarms. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Hydroquinone reduces pigment production , peels are very very temporary.

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Pigment is produced by melanocytes in your skin.  Peels burn off the upper layer of pigment produced long ago but do ZERO  to  the melanocytes.   In fact the trauma of a peel stimulates melanocytes and the pigment gets worse.  Programs like the Obagi program work and there are Retin A - Hydroquinone 7% to 10% cream programs that work.   You must apply the cream once or twice a day and it takes one to two YEARS to permanently get rid of the  offending pigment.   This is a program similar to that used by people with dark skin to permanently and forever lighten their skin.  It works,  but you need dedication plus a great dermatologist.   My Best,  Dr C

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