Can my skin color be restored after chemical peel?

I am a black man i jus had a chemical peel and my skin got lighter would my original skin color be restored

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Skin color changes after a chemical peel

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As long as the skin color changes are fairly smooth and consistent, you should be alright. When there is intense inflammation after a peel or the peel is a deep peel, skin tones and color are more at risk. We are now doing a lot of Perfect Derma Peels and the VI Peel for skin of color as both these systems use a proprietary blend of acids as well as ingredients to even out skin tones over time.  

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Black Skin and Chemical Peels

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Without photos it is impossible to tell what exactly the changes are.  I would avoid the sun and over time your skin color should even out.  Please consult an expert in chemical peels and dark skin.  Best, Dr. Green

Chemical Peels and darker skin tones

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Hello Craigconnor8962, Your skin tone should even out. Post some photos so we can take a look. ZO 3 Step Stimulation Peel is great peel for darker skin types.

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