How long does muscle repair last?

How long does muscle repair last for after TT and do I need to wear foam under faja after TT. Thanks for answering.

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Muscle tightening with Abdominoplasty

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A muscle repair should be considered permanent, provided there are not other factors causing stretching of the abdominal wall, such as pregnancy or weight gain. Muscle repair does cause increased discomfort immediately after surgery, which will greatly subside over the first few weeks.  Foam is not required under the faja if it fits well, but some  may find it beneficial to help decrease swelling and/or creasing under the garment.  

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Rectus muscle imbrication

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The short answer to you question is " a life time" . The repair is designed to be permanent. You should have improved abdominal contour and the rectus muscle should heal in position.

Muscle repair during a TT.

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Thanks for the question.  A repair  to the abdomen  usually  involves a thorough tightening repair of the abdominal muscles with permanent sutures.  This is central to support the strength of the core muscles as is done in most tummy tucks in my practice.  If you have any questions that your chosen Plastic Surgeon may not  do this in  a tummy tuck repair, simply discuss this with him or her.  It can be very important in your overall improvement.
Good luck to you.
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Muscle repair after a TT

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Hello. Thank you for your question.  Muscle repair after TT could last for a lifetime.   If  a pregnancy comes the results will be affected.   The foam after TT is a very useful device the make a more uniform pressure on your body and also provides protection to the skin.  Have a great day. 

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How long does muscle repair last?

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The determination to repair the rectus muscle is best made during surgery. Most Plastic Surgeons utilize a technique that is intended to permanently reposition the muscles in their best position. Sometimes, after surgery one or two of the sutures may become dislodged but there are multiple sutures to compensate for this possibility. Hope this helps

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