My permanent crown bleeds at times and I'm having bad headaches after a root canal treatment a couple of months ago.

Should I consult my endodontist?

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Root canals and crowns/ bleeding and headaches

First, to answer your question about the crown.  You shouldn't have bleeding.  There are many reasons that the gum can continue to bleed after a crown is placed.  I'll mention a few of the more common ones ... 1. do you have any food trapping on either side of the crown ... if the contacts between your crown and the adjacent teeth are light or slightly open, food can get jammed between your teeth and this can cause persistent gum inflammation which can bleed easily  2. Are you using dental floss and brushing the gumline well?  Some people think that once a crown has been placed on their tooth that nothing can go wrong and they don't need to care for it as well as their natural teeth.  In fact, the margin of a crown (where the crown and tooth meet) can attract more plaque (bacteria) and needs to be brushed very well.  As well, the space between the teeth can also harbor bacteria more easily and so flossing becomes very important.  3.  Do the crown margins go too deep under the gumline.  If so, in spite of your meticulous efforts to keep everything clean, you may develop chronic inflammation around the crown and may need a periodontal procedure to correct it. 

Without seeing you, it's difficult to pinpoint the issue in your mouth, but I would recommend that you see your dentist and have him investigate the situation.  With a little effort you should be able to solve this problem.

As far as persistent headaches following the root canal treatment, this is not normal and so I would suggest that you visit the endodontist that performed the root canal to be sure that everything is healing as it should.  If it is normal, then I would have the bite checked on your crown to be sure that your teeth are working together harmoniously (i.e. bite is well balanced)

Hope that helps ... Good luck!

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Bleeding and headaches after root canal and crown #DrSoftTouch

You should not be experiencing bleeding around your permanent crown. There could be multiple reasons for the bleeding such as left over cement causing irritation, a open margin, an ill fitting crown, or lack of good oral hygiene. Also, headaches should not be expected after a root canal. This could be the result of your bite being off. The need for a bite adjustment is not uncommon after having a crown placed. I would recommend seeing your dentist to have the tooth evaluated as soon as possible. I hope this helps! Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

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