Can a Kenalog Injection into the Nose Lead to Cartilage Atrophy?

Can 0.2 ml of kenalog 20 injected 6 months after rhinoplasty dissolve cartilage? Thanks

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Kenaolog is unlikely to cause atrophy of cartilage

I did a medline search looking for cause and effect of intralesional kenalog and complications induced in cartilage.  I was unable to find even a single case report noting this association.  I was able to find literature on decreased cartilage matrix degradation if short-term systemic steroids are used to decrease the inflammatory process induced by injury.  I have included a link for you on this.  So, to answer your question I would say no, particularly if the injection was performed to shut down inflammation.  Also, 0.2 ml at 20 units/cc, is a total of 4 units of Kenalog, which is not a large dose.  I hope this helps!

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Kenalog injection after rhinoplasty

Kenalog may cause dermal atrophy (thinning of the skin), but it will not affect the cartilage.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
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Kenalog injection into nose should not dissolve cartilage

Kenalog injections are not injected into the cartilage.  They are injected into the dermis.  Depending upon the concentration that is used, dermal atrophy can occur, so we always use a very light concentration of cortisone to dissolve scar tissue and prevent fluid buildup in the first few months after the surgery.  A cortisone shot does not dissolve cartilage and works best only within the first few months after surgery, not years after.

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