Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Fix my Droopy Nose Tip/Septum? (photo)

-I was wondering if a NON surgical nose job could fix the droopy tip / septum of my nose and make it look less down turned. I can usually fix this with contouring makeup but it looks very obvious (in the yellowish photo i am wearing lots of makeup and the lighting helped a lot too), I like the way the makeup looks in photos but i see it in the mirror and it is very dark and you can tell. -My second question is whether a nostril ring (i have one) would interfere with a non surgical nose job.

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Non surgical rhinoplasty

Dear Jess,

-a non surgical nose job may help the drooping columella, it depends on what the profile view looks like so we know where to put the material

-the nose ring will not interfere with a non surgical nose job

-It would be best find a rhinoplasty surgeon who has free consultations to see what is possible, based on your exam. 

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Nima Shemirani


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NSNJ's for Droopy Nasal Tips

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is the perfect procedure for a so-called "droopy tip." In fact, I prefer it to a traditional rhinoplasty, because in a non-surgical nose job, you can guide your physician in real time as to what you like and how much you want him to inject. It is must harder to achieve a natural look with the surgical alternative. Also, your nose-ring should not interfere with the procedure at all, as there is no injection made in the nasal ala (the fleshy part where your nose is pierced). 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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