Keloids After Otoplasty

Hi, I have been plagued with Keloids behind my ears following otoplasty 3 years ago. They were symmetrical keloids i.e appeared in the same place on both eears. I have had Steroid Injections, silicone gel and even 3 surgeries(with steroids injections) just to get them removed! My last surgery was 3 weeks ago and the keloids hav returned. I honestly dont know what to do as it seems like I will be stuck with these for life! Please can someone advise me how to proceed further.Thanks.

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The problem you describe is a known complication of otoplasty.  It appears you have underone excision with almost immediate recurrence.  The question is prompted whether you have other areas of scar on your body that demonstrate keloid healing.  Initiallly, an injection of a combination of a calcium channel blocker and steroid may be considered.  In addition, in some cases of hypertrophic healing and keloid formation, the topical application of a 10-15% gel of calcium channel blocker may be helpful.  Since you have recently had surgery, as a less appealing option you may ultimately require reexcision with immediate post operative radiation.  In order to coordinate this, you would likely have to consult with your surgeon and a radiation oncologist.   The post operative dose is usually fractionated over three days. I hope this is helpful.

Correction of ear keloids in Los Angeles

I have treated thousands of keloid scars and feel that conservative but regimented treatments work best.  Begin with an examination and then discuss non-surgical options with your expert surgeon. Raffy Karamanoukian, Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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These scars can be helped with a combination of laser treatment and cortisone injections.

These scars can be helped with a combination of laser treatment and cortisone injections.  It may require multiple treatments, however the success rate is very good.  You need to see an expert who has a lot of experience treating scars with laser.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Keloids after Otoplasty...

Unfortunately keloid scars after Otoplasty is a possible but rare side effect.  It is not really known what causes keloids so they are difficult to predict.  It is more common in African-American or Hispanic skin.  Also closing the incision with tension may contribute to it.  There is no cure for them, but they can be reduced with steriod injection.  Over time the interval between steroid injections should hopefully increase.  That is about the extent of the treatment - I would not excise them.  There are always risks with any surgery, but fortunately, keloid formation after otoplasty is uncommon.

Shain A. Cuber, MD
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Keloids after otoplasty, recurrent.

These are very difficult to "cure" as you have found out. Based on what you said, I personally would try radiation therapy by a radiologist who does a lot of these. Check with a nearby university.

Toby Mayer, MD
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You can try the combination of surgery to remove the keloid, immediate injection with kenalog and 5FU, 50 mg.

can repeat every 4 weeks.

Other options for keloid treatment is radiation

Samir Shureih, MD
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