How to clear tubes in wound drains reservoir (photo)

I am 18 days after TT and still draining a lot- around 100 ml/24 hours. But the main problem is clots inside tubes. These drain can be separate at 2 tubes, one I clean regulary, but in one wich inside my body always blocking by blood clots. How I can remove these clots in tube inside my body to make fluid go easyer in reservuir?

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How to clear tubes in wound drains reservoir

Here again this is an issue that needs in person surgeon advise and demonstration. Call your surgeon to be seen to show you how to correct this issue..//

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Still draining 18 days after your Tummy Tuck

It is very unusual to still be draining so much 18 days after your tummy tuck and you need to be seen by your surgeon. I am sure that he/she will have no problem speaking to you on the phone and discussing this, as well as setting up an appointment to see you immediately. You need to be seen as this can signify a problem that may require additional procedures or surgery. 

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Drain Output After TT

Drainage of 100ccs in 24 hrs is excessive at 18 days post op. The drainage indicates the drains are intact and patent.

Consult your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Best wishes

George C. Peck, Jr, MD
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Clear tubes post tt

If you have not seen your plastic surgeon in a while you may want to see your surgeon. That is a lot of drainage this far out from surgery and clots should not still be forming unless you bled inside under the flaps and that may need to be cleaned out. 

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Drain tubes clogged

These tubes can be "stripped" by pinching the the tube close to where it exits your body, then gently pulling the clots toward the reservoir.  DO NOT try to irrigate or flush the tubes -- you can end up pushing bacteria inside and create an infection.  If the tubes do not strip easily, and the tube is no longer functioning, it may need to be removed.  This does happen from time to time, and is normal.  One well known side effect of tummy tuck is SEROMA.  The drains are meant to limit the risk of seroma, but you may still develop a seroma nonetheless.  Do not consider this a "complication"  -- Seroma formation is one of the more frequent side effects of this type of surgery, and should be managed by your Plastic Surgeon, if it occurs...

Hope this helps, and good luck!!!

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How to clear tubes in wound drains reservoir

You have to be very careful when taking care of a drain that has stayed for so many days , making sure you don't push anything inside your body when cleaning it. 
If you don't have easy access to your doctors office and there are clots in the tube , you can take a sterile syringe, throw away the needle and push the syringe to the end of the tube ( it will fit ) then, suction hard until the clot comes out .  
Best wishes   

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