I had Invisalign Express. I need refinements. Can I get more aligners?

I had braces 30 years ago, I went back to my original ortho for invisalign. He told me I would need 10 trays. I was never told this was invisalign Express. My trays are done & there is a tiny space between my front teeth. My ortho recommended a lingual bar but does not do. He told me to go to another ortho. I did and he told me I had Invisalign Express but I need refinements to move my back teeth which would allow the front teeth to close with the proper retainer. How do I handle this? Cost?

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Absolutely. You can get refinement with Express. Your orthodontist should scan your teeth and do the refinement. There may be an extra fee though because refinement is not included in treatment fees most often in Express cases. 

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Invisalign Express

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You can get refinements with Express.  There is an additional charge.  Go back to the orthodontist who did the treatment and discuss.  Even with the additional charge, you are saving money with express compared to full Invisalgn treatment cost which includes refinements

Invisalign express

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You should be able to still get refinements even with Invisalign express . They are limited when compared with Invisalign full but they are available . I would go back to the original treating orthodontist . Good luck 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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