Why is only one side/hip (left) numb after lipo? 11 days post surgery (Photos)

11 days ago I had ultrasonic assisted lipo, a TT and BA. Everything is going great & healing well. Today I randomly noticed that I am numb on my left hip/side. Normal, I know. But there is no numbness at all on the right side anywhere- hip or side. I didn't need much lipo & really only had a bit done on both sides to help prevent dog ears. Why am I only numb on one side and feel no pain or numbness on the other side at all? He didn't forget to do it on that side did he? Can u tell by pics?

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Numb hip

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when you say hip, I don't know what that means. Front of the proximal thigh a little to the outside?  If so, this could be an injury to the lateral federal cutaneous nerve of the thigh. Not an uncommon problem after tt.  The good news is that it usually gets better. 

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Why is only one side/hip (left) numb after lipo? 11 days post surgery

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It's a good question, but it's impossible to answer. There are small nerves that run under the skin to provide sensation. On one side there may be a little more bruising of the nerve that is causing the numbness. This typically gets better with time. If you are concerned, you should address these questions with your plastic surgeon.Congratulations on your recent surgery.

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