Would AHS cover Abdominoplasty/Diastasis recti, or any part of the necessary surgery to fix damaged muscles? (Alberta)

Is there any covered procedures that would repair muscle loss & Diastasis Recti without the tummy tuck since that's considered cosmetic? Also have bladder prolapse that budges out but I don't qualify for surgery. I would love to be able to exercise, no skin rashes, not pee myself, have non painful intercourse and carry a small child like a normal person in their twenties. (not allowed by pelvic clinic nurse to run jump squat crunches sit ups or carry over 20lbs)

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Rectus Diastasis

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Unfortunately, repair or Rectus Diastasis (even when not done in combination with an abdominoplasty) is not an insured service by the government. I have personally petitioned them for this, but without success. I have had success in getting third party insurers (eg. Blue Cross) to cover a large portion of the procedure as a component of the procedure is "medically required".  This, of course, depends if the patient has third party insurnace. My staff can assist you in further information. Dr. A. Demianczuk

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