I'm thinking about FaceTite. Is that a good choice for my goal or not? (Photo)

Hello! I'm 30 years old and looking for tightening skin on my neck and reduce amount of fat in this area. I would like that my chin and under chin area looking more "sharp". Which procedure I have to try? So far I'm thinking about FaceTite... is that a good choice for my goal or not? Thank you

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FaceTite for chin and jaw line

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Thank you for your question and submitting your picture. Yes, FaceTite would be an excellent choice for you as it will both reduce the fat below the chin while tightening the skin. You can expect some significant swelling for 1-2 weeks. There is progressive improvement in the skin tightening effects for 6 or more months. We combine this procedure with Venus Legacy and Zimmer Z Wave in the first two weeks following the procedure to speed up the healing process. I hope this was helpful - Dr. Moore.

FaceTite for better neck and lower face definition

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I think you would be a great candidate for the FaceTite procedure! It can reduce the amount of fat under your chin and tighten the tissues on your neck and jowel areas, to create a more sculpted and defined neck line and jaw line. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with sedation to keep you comfortable. You can expect to have swelling and some bruising, but you should be able to return to your normal activities in a week or less. A benefit of FaceTite is that you will see some improvement immediately, and this will continue to get better in the following months. Best of luck to you!

FaceTite would be a great option for you

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I think you would be an appropriate candidate for the Facetite procedure. It not only can tighten the tissues from the radiofrequency energy, but can target the fat cells as well in the submental area that is bothering you. There is little downtime associated with it and it can produce a lasting result. 

Michael T. Somenek, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon

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