How long does it take for a mole to fall off after liquid nitrogen freezing?

I had my mole frozen 5 days ago. I was told it would turn black and fall off. So far it is really painful and inflamed. should I go back to the walk in clinic?

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Give it up to two weeks before falling off.  Usually it will become inflamed and red, sometimes painful initially.  If you are worried about infection, I would encourage you to go back and visit your provider.  Symptoms of infection include warmth, redness, pain, and pus.  Technically, we don't freeze of true moles, but we often freeze off other benign lesions.  I would actually recommend you see a board-certified dermatologist for a full body skin check rather than a walk in clinic.  

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Liquid nitrogen to a lesion

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It takes some time after freezing for the lesion to fall off.  I typically tell patients to give it 2-3 weeks.  It would likely be too early for anything to fall off after just 5 days.  Usually freezing does no suffice for removing a mole, though, given the limited depth into the skin the freezing will penetrate.  If it is a true mole and it does not fall off after 2-3 weeks, you may want to visit your doctor and have them remove it by shave/punch removal. 


Payman Kosari, MD, FAAD
Dermatology, Laser and Vein Specialists
Charlotte, NC

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