How Many Areas Can a Full Juvederm Syringe Cover?

How far does a full syringe of Juvederm go? Would I have enough for my smile lines, top and bottom lip, and the crease in my chin?

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The best way to get your answer-- evaulation by a board certified plastic surgeon.

One syringe of Juvederm is 1 ml of the product. The amount of “territory” that can cover depends on the depth of the wrinkles you want to treat and the amount of enhancement you desire of the lips. Typically upper and lower lips alone require 1 syringe depending if you just need the corners of the mouth, or if the nasal labial folds (the parenthesis) need filling in too.If you try to stretch 1 syringe out to too many areas, you will not get enough effect anywhere and most likely be dissatisfied by the results. The best answer is to be evaluated by a board certified plastic surgeon who can assess your specific situation and come up with a plan that can adequately address your concerns in the most cost effective way possible.

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Depends depends!

if you're trying to save cost, the better solution might be to choose a different filler other than Juvederm. 

Depending on your anatomy, how much volume you have lost, and more importantly how much correction you want, your filler needs will change.

Jvederm  is this soft filler and does not provide much feeling as compared to some of the other fillers such as Voluma or Lyft. Juvederm ultra plus  it's also another great way to be able to get the most out of one syringe! 

Of course, another great trick is to put the right amount of product in the right place to be able to correct the  anatomical changes. Often fillers can be placed above or below the falls to be able to render much better results. You never want to use fillers to "fill in the holes", but rather to use it to shape your natural anatomy. 

 Best of luck!

Tanya Kormeili, MD
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Have an assessment first

Having an assessment first would be helpful in exactly determining how much a specific amount of Juvederm can cover for you.

One full syringe of Juvederm is usually about 1 ml in amount. The amount of area that one syringe of Juvederm can cover will depend on how deep the wrinkles that need to be treated are. It will also depend on how much enhancement you want to achieve for your lips. In normal cases, lower and upper lips may require about 1 Juvederm syringe. This may increase if you also need to do the mouth corners or the nasolabial folds.

If you simply stretch 1ml of Juvederm to cover too many areas, you may not get your desired effect in any of the areas. You will then be mostly dissatisfied.

To best assess how much 1ml of Juvederm will go for you, you will need to be checked by a board certified plastic surgeon. He or she should be able to evaluate your situation so he or she would be able to come up with a treatment plan that will address your issues properly and in a cost effective method.

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Bounce for your ounce

Hi there,

What you are going to get out of 1 syringe (1ml) filler depends on a number of factors, most importantly the depth of the defect to be filled and the type of filler that is going to be used for the purpose.  Juvederm comes in a variety of product thicknesses (from runny to pretty solid), according to the procedure that it is used for.  So for example, lips need a softer filler than cheeks (which need volume rather than softness) and under the eyes need a very runny filler (otherwise this can go lumpy and swell).  On the flip side, using the wrong filler for the job will either end you up with bad results or lacking results; for example, using a runny filler to fill deep creases will not likely end you up with much of a result at all.

In terms of how far you can spread a syringe, well that is a matter of debate.  I always advise my patients that I will not start treatment if I think they don't have the budget to see a result.  I also don't perform "by the syringe" treatments.  This is because it inevitably ends in an argument over results ("I paid for one syringe and can't see the result...", or "I paid £x for 2 syringes and can't see the result..."). An experienced and competent practitioner will always assess the face, and charge you for the RESULT.  This way it is really none of your concern how many syringes are used, and it's up to the aesthetic doctor to deliver the result that has been agreed between the both of you and aligned with both of your expectations which have been discussed at your consultation.  I have treated cases that have required in excess of 10ml (10 syringes) of filler for a full facial volumisation.  

I haven't seen you so can't advise exactly how far 1ml would serve you, but I would always advise to research a good aesthetic doctor, go for a comprehensive consultation and go with their professional opinion if it is right for you.

Hope this helps!


MJ x

Juvederm syringe coverage

Thank you for your question. It is hard to give you a precise answer without any photograph or evaluation. However it all depends on which area you are getting injected and also how much volume you lack in the area to be treated. A smaller amount at the beginning is better. One syringe would usually be good for lip augmentation. I recommend being evaluated with an expert to determine the best treatment plan for you. All the best!

Hardik Soni, MD
Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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One syringe of Juvederm

That all depends what area you are getting done and the amount of volume loss you already have.   One syringe is usually good to treat the lips or NLF.  You'll need to present some pictures to be able to tell.   Good luck! 

Onir Spiegel, DDS, PhD
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Most clients need between 1-2 syringes to achieve their desired look, but some require more. The way to truly determine how many syringes you need would be to have a face to face consultation with your provider.

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How much area can a syringe of Juvederm cover?

Good question. There are many factors involved in answering this question for you. The anatomy of your face, and where you are wanting injections. I would suggest being evaluated and the provider can give you specific answer based upon you anatomy.

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Juvederm Syringe Coverage

Dear hello70:This is entirely dependent on your loss of facial volume and it is best to have this assessed in the form of a thorough facial exam.  All the best.

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How far does Juvederm go?????????

It is impossible to tell without photos and preferably an exam.  One syringe of juvederm is adequate to augment lips.  Your best bet is to go see an experienced injector.  Best wishes 

Stephen M. Chen, MD
Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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