What's the Average Price of Juvederm Per Syringe?

Average fees for Juvederm in Philadelphia area is listed on this site as $500. Is this fee for 1 syringe (1.8) or 2 syringes? Please clarify this data.

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Average Price of Juvederm per syringe

Fees will vary dramatically from city to city and even from practice to practice in the same city. $500 is probably the cost for a 1 cc syringe of Juvederm.

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Juvederm Cost

Pricing varies based on injector experience and expertise. In Chicago, price varies from $500-800 per syringe for Juvederm depending on the injector.

Factors to consider for injector:
  • Do they understand facial anatomy?
  • What are their qualifications (Facial plastics surgeon, nurse, ER physician, etc)?
  • Do they have an overall goal for me and plan?
Saving money on facial filler is usually not a good idea as correction of the issue may cost more than fixing it right the first time.

Anil R. Shah, MD
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Juvederm Cost

In Toronto, Ontario, the cost is usually by the syringe, and it is $600-850 depending on the product administered. Voluma tends to be more expensive. This is for one syringe, and not two (even though 2 may be in a box).

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Radiesse, Beverly Hills Radiesse, Los Angeles Radiesse, Juvederm

We have used Juvederm on many patients and the typical cost is $500 per syringe.  The Juvederm Ultra Plus, which is a thicker form of Juvederm that can used in the Nasolabial  Folds as well as the Cheek area for shaping which is closer to $700 per syringe.


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Price for Juvederm

Thanks for the question -

First, let me say that you should always be careful when using price to guide decisions about medical treatments (and yes, filler injection, despite all the advertising, is a medical treatment).

That being said - here's the straight scoop. Juvederm costs your doctor about $250 per syringe to buy from the company (Allergan). Most physicians double the price. Be sure to look for other things that may add value when seeking a treating physician including follow-up discounts, standing by their work (are touch-ups free?) and pre- and post-treatment photos.

In our San Francisco area practice we offer all of these things to our patients.

I hope this helps.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Juvederm cost

The cost of 1 syringe of Juvederm can vary from $450-$650. It depends on how many syringes are injected at once (there is a quantity discount typically). It also depends on who is injecting you; a dermatologist or plastic surgeon may cost a little more in some cases, but then you have more assurance of great results and safety.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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