Can I Share a Dermal Filler Syringe with my Friend or Partner?

My husband is having Juvederm injected into his nose. I've always been interested in having my upper lip be fuller, and I was wondering if it was possible to piggyback onto my husband's syringe of filler (to save $$). Is that something that's possible? I doubt he'll need a full syringe, and I only want a tiny bit put into my upper lip. I thought I would ask here before asking the doctor in case this is a totally insane request (and I don't want him looking at me like I've gone around the bend). Thanks!

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Sharing Syringes

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It is possible but not advisable to split a syringe with your husband due to the possibility of cross contamination.  Juvederm (just recently) and Restylane come in 1.0 and .5 cc syringes and the smaller syringe can be used if a full syringe is not necessary. Alternatively, an experienced injector can transfer a portion of the juvederm into another sterile syringe prior to treatment.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Do not share Juvederm or Restylane, but you can purchase smaller syringes.

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It is absolutely NOT safe to share a single syringe of the fillers, even with changing the needle. If a doctor suggests or does this, it is actually a violation of OSHA regulations. However, for this reason, the fillers DO come in smaller sizes, which may cost more added together than a single one alone, but less than two full sized ones in total.

Ask your board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon if they have these smaller vials, or if they would consider ordering them for you. Be careful though.... you might actually need more than the half-size, and then you will wish you had purchased your own full sized syringe, both for results and for financial reasons!

Jessica J. Krant, MD, MPH
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Juvederm sharing

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You should not share a syringe of juvederm. There can be cross contamination and exposure to another individuals body fluids leading to disease transmission.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Sharing filler syringes is not a good idea

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Even though the idea of splitting a syringe with a spouse or a friend sounds like a good idea, there is no reason to risk the possible cross-contamination and possible infection when fillers like Restylane and Juvederm come in half syringes which solves the problem all together.

I hope my answer was helpful.

Steven E. Rasmussen, MD, FAAD
Austin Dermatologist

Sharing a dermal filler syringe is a bad idea

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Can I share the same needle also? NO!!!! It is the same concept. This borders on malpractice and is totally frowned upon in any medical discussions.

From MIAMI Dr. B

No syringe sharing

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Even though you trust the health of a partner or loved one, you should never share a syringe of anything. There is the small but possible chance of disease transmission.

Sharing a Dermal Filler: NEVER

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You should never share syringes with anyone. You are at risk of infection and disease. A syringe of Juvederm is for one patient use only.

Do not share Juvederm syringes

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I do not recommend that anyone share syringes of Juvederm. A syringe of Juvederm is meant for one time use on one patient only. Do not save residual Juvederm. It should be discarded and it should not be shared.

Steven Hacker, MD
West Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon

Sharing filler syringe not appropriate

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We have been asked this on more than one occasion when someone is trying to budget or share a promotion.

As previously explained, this is not appropriate and should not be allowed. Although the previous panel member suggested transferring the product into a separate syringe, we would discourage this practice because it should be mentioned that you are paying for a service -- not just the product. To treat two different patients with one syringe is de-valuing the service that is being provided wherein the cost of the product is built into the cost of the visit as well.

A better suggestion is to use/purchase a half syringe of product which is available with Restylane and newly available with Juvederm. In this way, no product is being wasted and the cost of the treatment should be less.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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The quick answer is NO. But, there is an alternative way.

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Thanks for your question. NEVER share the same syringe of dermal filler with ANYONE! Ok, that being said, there is an alternative way. Your doctor can take the Juvederm syringe, use a female to female luer lock connector and another sterile syringe, and transfer some of the Juvederm into the second syringe BEFORE injecting anyone. Now you will have two Juvederm syringes and can vary the amount you will need for each person. Attach the needle and you are ready to go! Once any portion of any syringe is injected into any person, it should NEVER be used on another person. Doing it this way before any injections is a way you can split up the Juvederm syringe.

Don Mehrabi, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologist

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