Will Jaw Implants Make my Jawline More Square and Defined?

I'm a 24 yo male looking to get jaw implants. i was thinking about getting chin lipo to bring out my jawline but now I'm thinking about implants...i feel like that would be better because the jaw implants will not only make my jawline more defined but it will also make it more squared off....like brad pitt.

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Chin liposucton is one of the best ever procedures in plastic surgery

Consider simple neck, jaw line liposuction first.  This is much easier than jaw implants.  If you are set on jaw implants do Juvederm first and see if you like the effect.   Jaw implants are often problematic so search out a surgeon that does a vast number.  Chin implants are great but jaw implants are less well liked by many patients.  See 4 or 5 ABPS surgeons in your area.  Steve Schendel, MD , DDS  in Palo Alto and Beverly Hills does a bunch of these.   Think simple first and see the results.  Photos are important in a question such as this because in answering we are all shooting in the dark of night.  My Best,  Dr C

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Jaw (Mandibular Angle) Implants

Facial implants can make significant improvements to the shape and balance of the face. Jawline implants, known as mandibular angles, can give a square or masculine appearance to those who have an underdeveloped jaw. This can be combined with chin implants as well. Common implant types are silastic and Medpor - my preference is Medpor. 

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Jaw implants

Thanks for this question. Yes, jaw implants can achieve a more square appearance to the jaw. The devices come in many shapes and sizes that can add projection and/or width to the contour of the jaw. Choosing a wider implant in males will give a more "Brad Pitt-like" appearance. Best of luck.

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Will Jaw Implants Make my Jawline More Square and Defined?

First and foremost, get an appointment with an expert surgeon to evaluate your face and discuss your options. Then you can decide which procedures will fit your feature best.

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